We've compiled a list of some Frequently Asked Questions below.

Q: What is PPHOA?
A: The Perry Pines Homeowners Association (PPHOA), is the HOA for the Perry Pines rural community. It is made up of 135 lot owners, located approximately in the middle of Douglas County, off of Highway 105 (map).

Q: What is the purpose of PPHOA?
 A: The intent of forming Perry Pines Homeowners Association (PPHOA) was to develop and maintain this Douglas County community as a highly desirable rural residential area. It was viewed that the shared values of the community homeowners outweighed the individual values of any one homeowner. As such, PPHOA is governed by three documents: the Articles of Incorporation, the Bylaws, and the Protective Covenants.

Q: What are the Articles of Incorporation?
A: The Articles of Incorporation register PPHOA with the State of Colorado as a non-profit corporation as governed by the Revised Colorado Non-Profit Act.

Q: What are the Bylaws?
A: Through Bylaws, the PPHOA elects a Board of Directors, made up of PPHOA homeowners, which have a fiduciary responsibility to govern and administer according to a set of duties. Some of these duties include:

•Administer and enforce the covenants
 •Keep all community property in good order
 •Determine and collect assessments toward gross expenses
 •Collect delinquent assessments
 •Protect and defend the community from damage by suit
 •Borrow funds as needed, based on approval of a majority of homeowners
 •Contract services
 •Establish and maintain a bank account
 •Be fiscally accountable for PPHOA finances

Q: What are the Protective Covenants?
A: The purpose of the Protective Covenants is to protect the natural beauty, growth, native setting and surroundings of Perry Pines through the use of a set of agreed upon regulations. The minimum standard is the Douglas County Zoning Regulations for Rural Residential and Agricultural zones (hyperlink to the Guide to Zoning in Douglas County)

Q: Who are the current Board of Directors?

Matt Ostrand – President

Jeff Lindsay – Vice President

Jairo Ramirez – Secretary

Jair Ramirez – Treasurer 

Kathy Burr - Board Member

Carla Finn - Board Member

Nancy Miller – Board Member

Linda Richmond - Board Member

Max Toedtemeier – Board Member


Q: Are Board meetings open to all residents?

A: Yes. Notice of the time and place of any regular board meeting will be noted on signs near the two entrances, or accessed online on the Calendar page.

Q: If I want to serve on a committee, how do I find out what committees are active and how I can get involved?
 A: If you need committee information, you may contact any of the PPHOA Board members.

Q: Are there any other rules?
 A: The protective covenants provide for an Architectural Committee which must approve in advance any alterations to houses, barns, stables or other buildings before construction begins. Details about the Architectural Committee can be found in Article IV of the protective covenants.

Q: If I am having a problem with a neighbor for a violation of the Policies and Guidelines, what can I do?
 A: If residents cannot resolve a situation between themselves, then you may turn to your Association. The bylaws authorize the Board of Directors to enforce the covenants. Residents always have the option of communicating a problem directly to Douglas County zoning enforcement.

Q: What are the annual dues?
 A: The current annual assessment for all lots is $100.00. The amount of annual assessment can be changed by the Board and Special Assessments can also be authorized by action of the Board.

Q: What happens if I don't pay my assessment?
 A: The maintenance and management services incurred by the Association are dependent upon timely receipt of the assessments due from each homeowner. The bylaws authorize the Board to pursue legal action against delinquent homeowners if necessary.